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Sean Hoar

Fullstack and Frontend JavaScript Developer



I am a versatile front-end/ full-stack developer who is very strong in client communications and eliciting requirements, as well as a team player who not only knows what the roles of a well-oiled team are, but is also committed to having that team play together and achieve greatness!
What does this mean? Well, let me be candid. I am a JavaScript Developer ready to create interactive interfaces and UIs on the web. I think you'll find that I have a lot of transferrable skills that will also contribute to product development progress:

Plenty of troubleshooting and operational experience, as well as client relations, and I'm a quick learner, willing to put in the time it takes, because not only do I love learning, but I care about making the customer happy and satisfied. It's all about repeat and referral business! I've done a bit with Node.js backends and ReactJS frontends, MySQL, MongoDB & NOSQL DBs, I am happy to work with other frameworks and languages. I've also done some PHP/MYSQL,Python/Django, and Ruby/Rails... but you'll probably find me most happy with JS and React :-).

Contact me if you'd like to setup an interview for the next magic project you want created for mobile and desktop web!